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Secure envelopes

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Secure envelopes print

Description and use of safe envelopes

Made from resistant to acids, oils and fats material characterized by high mechanical strength. Lockable safe are specialized tape, preventing access to the interior with leaving visible - to the naked eye – traces if any manipulation.  Envelopes equipped as standard with a unique, sequential numbering, and so. coupon - a receipt.

Safety envelopes used to protect:

  • secret documents
  • money
  • classified data
  • reports

Basic data

Material LDPE film with a thickness of 70 μm

Tape thermal

Welds microprinted (protects against re-welding)

Standard sizes

  • A5  - 160 x 250 mm
  • B5* - 195 x 260 mm
  • B4* - 270 x 375 mm
  • C3  - 330 x 475 mm

* - possible option - additional transparent pocket on envelope for other documents, confirmations.

Individual envelopes (size, printing) we realize from quantity of 50 000 pcs

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